Remote baggage drop-off

On many airports in the world, because of rising airline/airport passengers, there is a growing threat of terminals getting overcrowded in the near future. Therefore airports are forced to expand their terminals, and/or tackles this problem in an other way.

Furthermore, research has shown that passengers have three generic motives when it comes to traveling via an airport. Passengers want an authentic travel process, want to be in control of their own travel process and they want to experience a tailor made travel process.

The combination of these two trends described above, have lead to a research on remote check-in possibilities, to investigate the possibility for passengers to being able to check-in outside terminals. Foremost the possibility to drop off baggage at a point outside the terminal is an important and differentiating element.



In several places in the world it is already possible to check in baggage outside the terminal. The central question in this research therefore is to investigate how and where remote baggage drop-off for Schiphol can be beneficial. Schiphol has started a project to find out if and how it is feasible to realize a remote baggage drop-off facility at “Long term parking” (P3). A part of this feasibility test is the beginning of a pilot on P3. Results in the area’s of passengers perception, logistics, baggage security and cooperation between relevant parties will be incorporated in the research. Also to be able to find other relevant locations for remote baggage drop-off locations for Schiphol.

For this research benchmarks are used for similar cases around the world. Examples of cities where remote baggage drop-off is used or has been used in the past are: London, Vienna, Hong Kong and Orlando. Either the success or the fail factors of the concepts used in these cities will be incorporated in the research for remote drop off possibilities for Schiphol. Several critical success – and fail factors will be identified.

During the research and meetings of the project team, insights will be generated in: crucial elements of such services and what the view is on such services of several relevant parties. Also independent interviews will be held amongst several parties.


Expected result

The expected result will consist of a roadmap for the development of remote baggage drop-off for Schiphol in the future. For this the already above mentioned aspects of: passengers perception, logistics, baggage security and cooperation between relevant parties will be incorporated. But also the expected amount of passengers on each identified relevant location for remote baggage drop-off for Schiphol will be taken into account.

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